A POPULAR and historic Ellesmere pub has submitted plans to remove and replace a number of its existing windows.

The Red Lion, in Church Street, is an 18th Century Grade II-listed pub close to the Mere in Ellesmere and last month submitted a proposal to change the windows.

A heritage impact statement included within the application explained that the former coach house, lying at the entrance to the town from Whitchurch and Wem, is one of a number of listed buildings in the area.


The statement added that some windows were of more significance than others.

It said: “This building is possibly 18th Century and modest Georgian in style.

“The proposals comprise the removal and replacement of a number of existing windows, some of which hold more significance than others.

“The proposals do include the replacement of a number of windows which are considered to be at least historic, primarily the upper box sash windows to the principal elevation and some sash windows to the rear sections of the building.

“The condition of these windows is generally poor although their loss undoubtedly amounts to an element of harm, which is broadly considered to be minor i.e. less than substantial.

“The replacement windows are proposed to include double glazing, the premise being the necessity to improve the thermal performance of the building, primarily to the letting room areas.

“Double glazing is generally considered to be an incongruous addition to a historic building as it tends to necessitate thicker frame sections and change the appearance of a window.

“Modern solutions have been developed for such purposes and include more slender double-glazed units such as those proposed.

“The proposals specify a product called ‘Histoglass’ which has been widely used on historic buildings due to its thermal performance and minimal visual intrusion.

“The detailed drawings accompanying this application demonstrate that the existing window frame and glazing bar sections can be replicated to incorporate the double-glazed units with minimal visual impact.

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“The justification for the proposals is on the basis that the rooms are for public use and therefore the applicant has little control over how the features of the room are operated, such as curtains to retain heat.

“The introduction of a sensitively designed, more thermally efficient solution will be significant.”

Consultation of the proposal ends on Wednesday, April 10 and a decision is expected around the middle of May.