WEST Mercia Police has confirmed that the investigation into an alleged assault against a 12-year-old boy outside Wem was closed as a suspect could not be identified.

Last week, Cayley Lay publicly appealed for information to be passed to police concerning the alleged attack on her son by a man, believed to be in his 50s, following an incident involving his bike.

Ms Lay alleged that the man kicked her son in his back before running off, leaving him and two friends shaken by the ordeal.


However, a spokesman for West Mercia Police said the force was no longer actively investigating but would re-open a case if more information became available.

They said: “We received a call around 12.20pm on Sunday 24 March with a report of an assault which happened on Grinshill Hill in Clive, near Shrewsbury. 

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“The crime was investigated as far as reasonably possible, but no suspect was identified.

“The case has been closed; however, should further information become available this would be investigated.”

Anyone with information that could reopen the investigation is urged to call 101 and quote police incident no. 171i24032024.