Land earmarked for employment opportunities in Wem could deliver up to 350 jobs if a planning application is successful when submitted.

The land, off Shawbury Road, was identified in 2015 and could bring many employers across a number of industries.

Steven Hearn, from Concept Town Planning which is overseeing the proposal, said the development would benefit Wem.


He said: “It’s a proposed application for a mix of employment and the realisation of Shropshire Council’s plans for the land since 2015.

“They put together a development plan and this land was earmarked for that plan and it usually takes many years to come together.

“This is the first stage of that – we’re looking to put together the application in stages and this is for one user who is the owner of the land.

“The rest of the application will be outlined so further down the line, different employers could join progressively.

“It’s a ticket to say that in principle, this use for light industry is acceptable and would be along the lines of Battlefield in Shrewsbury.

“it will have a mix of offices, to a haulage business from the landowner and then a mix of light industry, such as garages or manufacturing.

“It’s very much a chance to bring jobs to the town for land that isn’t earmarked for housing.

“It’s about getting employment and jobs to bring in housing.

“It’s unlikely to see a retail/supermarket on there because national focus is to bring them into the town centre.

“it would solely be for employment use and it’s the first phase to get exciting development into Wem.”

The consultation was well attended in the early stages with a mixed view from the public.

Whitchurch Herald: The plans for Shawbury Road. The plans for Shawbury Road. (Image: Newsquest.)

One resident, Rob Smith, said: “I’m very much in favour of this, as long as its part of the bigger picture for Wem.

“I own the land opposite the development and when Bridge Field was built, one of the conditions was that we left land for a link road to Shawbury Road.

“This development has to serve Wem.

“It will create extra jobs in Wem and it will split the town from the industrial estate to the new development as the traffic will need to go through to development so it needs a link road.

“It gives the chance to bring change to the town centre.

“The town has declined drastically over the last five years and it needs it.”

Ian Newcombe lives close to the planned area.

“First, yes there should be development for the area,” he said.

“However, this development need to consider local requirements and environmental requirements and there’s some concerns for the town.

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“The field opposite floods and we live on a B-class road, where trucks and cars come up at 40mph and Shropshire Council won’t change it to a 30.

“With 350 jobs here, it’s going to be hundreds more.”

Mr Newcombe also said that Shropshire Council advice that an environmental impact assessment (EIA) would be unnecessary had not been updated to recent changes and was not ‘full and open’.