A NURSE who helped save two puppies that were abandoned in a plastic bag outside Whitchurch says she is delighted to have played a role in saving their lives.

Becca Crozier, who is coming to a decade as a veterinary nurse, works in Telford for Southwater Vets in Telford and became responsible for the puppies after they were rescued by the team at Hilbrae Rescue Kennels.

Hilbrae used the vets service for emergency treatment for the pups, who were the only two surviving puppies in the litter of seven found in December last year.

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With one brother already re-homed, a plea to take on remaining pup Wally from Hilbrae was picked up by many but Becca believes that the little fighter could already be on his way to his forever home.

As we spoke, the nurse – who says she was up every two hours feeding the dogs – was ready to meet with potential new humans for Wally, and while it is not yet formal, she is confident he will be ready to go.

She said: “After Hilbrae put the post up, the response has been really good for this.

“There were a lot of comments for the post (and the dogs).

“Wally is absolutely fine – there was some concerns with his vision and whether there were neurological issues but now he is right.

“He had a head tilt and tended to fall over but they have all gone.

“He might not be always 100 per cent but there will be no problems with his quality of life.

“I’m a vet nurse and I offered to hand rear them because I wanted to give them a chance to live.

“This has been a life affirming proves for me because there was a good chance they could have not survived.”

Becca is no stranger to hand-rearing young animals but usually with cats, though she admitted she enjoyed the process.

He added: “I’ve got experience of this as I have hand-reared more than 40 kittens in my life.


“They come to me through work or rescue centres will get in touch with me asking me to help them.

“We don’t always know what their history is and what from their mothers might help them so we just have to help them survive.

“It’s been great to help them survive.”