BUSINESSES around Whitchurch Civic Centre have said they are ‘annoyed and disappointed’ at the plans to knock down the facility.

Shropshire Council’s Cabinet will be asked to ratify a recommendation to knock the High Street building down and it replace it with a multi-use facility with residential.

The Herald spoke to businesses all within 50 yards of the centre.


Maria Macnae, owner of Refill Your Boots, said she was disappointed to hear of the news.

Whitchurch Herald: Maria Macnae.Maria Macnae. (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “It’s a shame because it’s the heart of the community.

“I would support opposing this because we need a library with central officers and very importantly, toilets which we are very short of in the town.

“It’s also home of the market which is an asset to the town and makes Whitchurch the town it is.

“If they can replace what the Civic does somewhere else then fine but we need these facilities in the town.”

Claire and Alan Purcell, from Purcell Butchers in the High Street, said they are ‘deeply against’ plans to knock the Civic down.

Whitchurch Herald: Claire Purcell. Claire Purcell. (Image: Newsquest.)

They said: “It’s very annoying – the proposal just doesn’t fit the town.

“Having the Civic as it is brings business to the High Street and that it is great for the town.

“It’s always been great to be opposite the Civic Centre and now we face losing that and also the market isn’t going to be there.

“We’re starting to see the impact already.”

Steve Jones is manager of Barlows Electronics, in the High Street, and he added that he was disappointed for the town.

Whitchurch Herald: Steve Jones. Steve Jones. (Image: Newsquest)

“I’m disappointed for the town,” he said.

“But if it’s not safe then something has to be done.

“It’s hard to say if there’s going to be any impact on businesses.

“Potentially yes, but no one can be sure for certain, but we do hope that a solution can be found that suits everyone.”

Staff from Barbers Estate Agents came together to slam the proposals, stating their belief that it was a 'terrible decision for Whitchurch'.

Whitchurch Herald: Gail and Sean from Barbers.Gail and Sean from Barbers. (Image: Newsquest.)

They said: “It’s going to be detrimental to the town.

“The Civic Centre is a hub of the community – what are they going to do for shows and for the clubs and the best of Whitchurch.

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“It has to be a facility for the whole community and the biggest impact it will have is that these things are all in the one place.

“Whitchurch Civic Centre draws people into the High Street – the town is evolving so much and has brought into some big names too.

“We sell Whitchurch on having a community.”