Parents are being urged to get their children vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) amid a "rapid" increase of cases in England.

Cheshire MP Edward Timpson has called on mums and dads to make sure their children are up to date with their jabs.

The MP for Eddisbury said: “Measles cases are on the rise in England.

“You can still ask your GP practice for the MMR vaccine if your child has missed either of the two required doses.


“Likewise, any person of any age who has not received the full MMR vaccine should also contact their GP.

“If in any doubt—or for more information—please visit online, or call your GP’s surgery.

“Be safe, not sorry.”

MMR is part of the NHS Routine Childhood Immunisation Programme—with one dose offered at one year of age, and another, second dose at three years and four months of age.

Parents whose infants missed out are urged to come forward now, as well as any person of any age who has not yet had a vaccine.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, said: “Colleagues in the West Midlands have worked tirelessly to try to control the outbreak, but with vaccine uptake in some communities so low, there is now a very real risk of seeing the virus spread in other towns and cities.

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“Children who get measles can become very poorly, and some will suffer life-changing complications.

“The best way for parents to protect their children from measles is the MMR vaccine.

“Two doses of the MMR vaccine give lifelong protection, and it’s never too late to catch up.”

To see if your child is up to date with their MMR vaccines, check your child’s personal child health record (PCHR), known as the red book, or contact your GP practice.