DECADES after closing its doors, a vinyl shop is set to reopen in Whitchurch, bringing a combination of new and vintage tunes to the town.

The freshly reborn store is the brainchild of local music enthusiast Mark Fulton.

He started selling records, tapes and CD’s in the Antiques Emporium in Green End – and after seeing how well it was going, he ended up taking on the former home of Luke’s Cafe Wine Bar, in High Street.

Mark said: “Luke’s used to be a record shop before, in the 70s or 80s.


“I’ve played in bands my entire life, and I recently lost my job.

“Then I decided to start selling some things in the Antiques Emporium – and the new-found popularity of the vinyl is what facilitated this move.

“It’s done exceptionally well.”

Now Mark is transforming the space into The Vinyl Countdown, which is set to bring vinyl, CDs, tapes, T-shirts, and more merchandise to town.

He is planning on opening the shop on Saturday, February 3.

Mark continued: “I’ve always wanted to be more involved in music.

“And I wanted to see if anyone else is interested.”

He also explained that he is setting up the shop in a way that people can explore music and help them diversify their taste.

“I have put records like Adele with classical music, and so on”, Mark said, “In the Antiques Emporium I’ve got 16-year-old kids and 60-year-olds next to each other looking at vinyls together”.

Mark is also planning on expanding his business in the future by adding a music club.

He continued: “I want people to get together and listen to each other’s music.

“To explore their boundaries and learn together.”

Mark has been shocked by the response he has received so far.

“The success it’s been phenomenal”, he added, “I was not expecting it.”