A police helicopter chased down a driver in Shropshire who was later found to have been carrying class A drugs.

West Mercia Police chased down a driver in the Ellesmere area yesterday (January 6), who was found with "a quantity of suspected Class A and Class B drugs".

The chase ensued after the driver failed to stop when directed to by officers.

At which point a multi-vehicle pursuit began involving ground units and the use of a police helicopter to chase down the suspects.


When the car was eventually chased down a man and woman, who were in the car were arrested at the scene.

West Mercia Police have confirmed that the pair were charged with failure to stop, possession with intent to supply and "a number of driving offences".

Police also confirmed that it had been an "intelligence lead incident, initiated by Ellesmere Safer Neighbourhood Team.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "On January 6 a vehicle failed to stop for officers in the Ellesmere Area.

"The vehicle was pursued by Road Traffic Officers. The force helicopter (NPAS) was deployed to support ground units.

"The vehicle stopped and two adults, one male and one female were arrested at the scene, a quantity of suspected Class A and Class B drugs were found on the persons and at the scene.

"Both parties were arrested at the scene on suspicion of failure to stop, possession with intent to supply and a number of driving offences and remain in Police Custody.

"Enquiries remain ongoing."