STAFF at a Whitchurch post office have moved to assure customers that a petition is trying to stop the end of DVLA services at the branch, and not its closure.

The petition seen at the Green End branch had caused some consternation for customers who feared a permanent closure was on the cards.

However, Elaine Dorey, who has worked at the branch since November 2022, said the petition aims to keep vital DVLA services, such as car tax forms, at the branch.

“The post office isn’t closing but it’s the DVLA side of things that the petition is trying to keep,” she said.

“The contract that the DVLA has with the government and the Post Office ends next year.

“They want to put all DVLA services online after March, such as your car tax, your SORN application, getting a new log book and car tax exemption forms.

“Everything that we take for granted that can be done at the post office is to be stopped.

“I’ve had a lot of people coming in having to do their tax reminder as they’re not receiving any through the post, and for their log books too.


“Even things like licence renewal reminders will have to be done online and it’ll be for all UK Post Offices too.”

Elaine added that there are some in Whitchurch who are still not proficient with computers that will be affected.

She said: “Whether that’s not understanding how to use them, not being to use them through disability or you cannot afford to pay for internet, then they would be cut off from the DVLA.

“It makes it very difficult to try to keep the community going when there’s no way to do it if the DVLA is going to withdraw it.”

The petition is available to sign at the Green End branch.

A DVLA spokesman said services would be available until March 31, 2024

They said: “The Post Office currently provides a limited range of DVLA’s services and an extension to the current contract has recently been agreed until March 31, 2024.

“We want our customers to be able to access our services as quickly and as easily as possible, and the role of front office counter services will form part of the considerations of any future service offerings.”