RESPONSE to a survey has been received ‘in their thousands’ about what is best for North Shropshire, says the area’s MP.

Helen Morgan has thanked residents of her constituency for what she called an overwhelming response to her recent survey.

The MP says she was ‘snowed under’ after 4,000 responses from every corner of the constituency talking about the ways they want their community to be improved and the issues that are the top priorities for north Shropshire.

She added that she and her team received concerns on topics ranging from road safety and poor public transport links to the state of dental and health services across the county.


She said: “I would like to thank everyone that took the time to return the survey that our team sent out – the response has been really strong, and it’s been incredibly useful to go through them and pick up local issues.

“We’ve nearly gotten around the entire constituency now listening to people about what matters to them.

“It’s not only extremely helpful to see the issues that people are concerned about but also very encouraging to see people engaging with politics and realising that their voice does matter.

“We received more than 4,000 responses, which our team are going through to address any and all issues raised.

“Rural communities like ours are close-knit and know what needs doing locally, and I can best serve our area by receiving real concerns from right on the doorstep.”