A SENIOR Shropshire councillor for Whitchurch has demanded a speed limit for a popular stretch of road before it leads to someone dying.

Councillor Peggy Mullock, a long-term representative of the town and a former mayor, has called for a 30-40mph speed limit for Tilstock Road (B5476) between the A41 and Tilstock, passing Alderford Lake and Dearnford Hall.

The road has significant bends and is also used to ferry Whitchurch children to school in Tilstock, and Cllr Mullock believes Shropshire Council must act to limit drivers’ speed before it is too late.

She said: “I do worry that someone is going to die if they don’t slow down.

“I want a speed limit – it needs something whether it’s 30 or 40.


“The speed people travel on that road really bothers me – you’ve got children going up there twice a day going to school and all the good events at Alderford.

“Drivers should also be taking responsibility for themselves too and slowing down.”

Cllr Mullock added that she has received support for the idea.

“I’ve been using the Wem road a lot more than usual and realise just how fast people are driving down those bends,” she said.

“And we with the increase in the number of people using Alderford Lake, and some drivers are coming off that roundabout and still going past the lake at 50-60mph.

“Drivers are trying to get out of Alderford and it’s hard – I’ve spoken to (owner) Rob Bebbington and he supports this, and I’ve spoken to Tilstock School who are behind it too.

“Cllr Tom Biggins lives in Dearnford Hall, just further up, and he says he sees the vehicles going through the hedge in the middle of the night.

“Drivers aren’t slowing down for that bend close to Dearnford Hall, which is well more than half a mile down so the drivers are travelling far too fast.”

Cllr Mullock added that Shropshire Council had been out to look at the site with her and agreed that the site need evaluating.

Whitchurch Herald:

A Whitchurch Town Council spokesman confirmed it has written to Shropshire Council to support Cllr Mullock.

Proper officer Mike McDonald said: “Following a request from Shropshire Councillor Mullock at our last full council meeting on July 20, councillors unanimously agreed to support the urgent request for a review of the speed limit on this stretch of road, bearing in mind the alarming number of incidents in recent years.

“The safety of our residents and visitors travelling through the area is of paramount importance and one we simply couldn’t ignore.

“We hope that Shropshire Council will also take a similar view and act favourably for everyone concerned.”

Shropshire Council has been approached for comment.