A £1.5 million boost to bus services in Shropshire has been welcomed by the North Shropshire MP.

Local Transport Minister Richard Holden revealed the money will be heading to Shropshire in response to a question from Helen Morgan in the House of Commons today on Wednesday.

The Liberal Democrat MP says she has long campaigned for bus routes to be improved in rural areas and her latest question to the Government prompted the news that Shropshire is to benefit from £1.5 million of support.

Speaking after the debate, Mrs Morgan said: “This is a welcome step in the right direction and comes after a long campaign to improve bus services in Shropshire.

“Buses connect patients with hospitals, shoppers with high streets and villages with town centres.

“I have campaigned hard for better bus links because investing in buses boosts the economy, education and health.

“However, services in Shropshire have got even worse in recent months.

“This money must now be used to arrest the decline and improve bus links in places that need it most in rural north Shropshire.”


The Minister announced the funding after the MP for North Shropshire stood up in the Commons to highlight how cuts to bus services in in the county were partly due to the low concessions paid to bus operators by Shropshire Council.

The Liberal Democrat MP called for a more sustainable funding model and for further detail on the Government’s plans to support rural transport links.

It comes after the Government twice rejected bids from Shropshire to improve the county’s bus routes, first under the Bus Back Better Scheme and secondly under the Levelling Up funding.

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A spokesman for Mrs Morgan added the announcement comes after the MP’s proposal to make rural bus services a legal right.

They said: “As well as lobbying the Government and working closely with local agencies, Mrs Morgan has proposed a new law in Parliament which would ensure that people in rural areas have enough bus links to reach key services.

“The Bus Services Bill would legislate to make sure that people in places like Market Drayton and Oswestry can get to hospital appointments, schools and onward connections.”