AN ELLESMERE man who threatened to ‘chin’ a female police officer has avoided a jail sentence on Tuesday.  

Oliver Jack Gibbens, 28 and of Diamond Way, was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail but suspended for 12 months for sending malicious communication to police include PC Amy Griffiths. 

The texts and voicemails came after the defendant drove away from Mere Motors, in Ellesmere, on January 9, 2023 without paying for fuel amounting to £45.09. 

He was identified and asked to return to the garage to make the payment, which he agreed to do so on January 21. 


However, District Judge Kevin Grego heard from prosecutor Sara Beddows that Gibbens did not make the payment and then left a voicemail on PC Griffith’s work phone. 

In the voicemail he said: “B***h – come and arrest me b***h, **** you, threatening with me arrest – **** off.” 

He then sent the officer a string of abusive texts before he then rang 999 and told the call handler that he wanted to abuse the police.

DJ Grego heard that Gibbens also told the police that he had ‘left her a message and I want her to come around to my house so I can batter her’. 

He continued to make further threats to her, including ‘chinning her’ and abusing the police, stating he would do anything to send officers to his home.  

He admitted being drunk and on cocaine at the time and said that he was reacting badly to his perceived view that the officer had treated him poorly. 

In a brief impact statement, PC Griffiths said that she felt Gibbens was an ‘unknown quantity’ to her which put her on edge.  

Gibbens’s defence told the court that he suffered with his mental health, referring to long Covid and the death of a friend during the pandemic.  

He added that this was a ‘one-off incident’ and that he did not pay for the fuel because his finances were in a poor state. 

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However, DJ Grego intervened to remind the defence that he had previously purchased drugs. 

The court also heard that Gibbens is part of a close family unit and that he was remorseful, plus he had given an early guilty plea.  

DJ Grego also heard that Gibbens is ‘terrified’ of prison and that he is fit to engage in unpaid work but acknowledges the role of his mental health.  

Sentencing Gibbens, DJ Grego said: “What bravery it must take when drunk to pick up a phone to shout threats and insults to a female down the phone. 

“Your behaviour was outrageous and I suspect if it was a magistrate in this chair, then they would feel you deserve nothing less than a custodial sentence. 

“If I were to follow guidelines it would be 10 weeks which will be suspended for 12 months.”