A CHEF who died in Ellesmere meant to take his own life after taking an overdose of tablets, a coroner has ruled.

Toby Rupert Kingsley Thorogood, 48, was found dead at his home in Hillcrest on Monday, January 16 by his mother and neighbours after concerns for his safety were raised.

Mr Thorogood, a senior youth project development chef, was found in bed at around 4pm by police after they were called.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shropshire coroner John Ellery told the hearing, at Shrewsbury’s Shirehall, that a post-morten had found 'high levels' of two drugs that Mr Thorogood had been found with ‘high levels’ of two prescription-only drugs in his system.

His mother and ex-wife were both present at the hearing and they told Mr Ellery that they believed he intended to take his own life.


They added that he had a history of depression and had recently been affected by flooding at his property and unspecified problems at work.

They also told the coroner that he had been overwhelmed by his recent issues.

However, they added that Mr Thorogood ‘was a lovely man’ and that he ‘was their DIY man who was meticulous and creative and had so much to offer’.

Mr Ellery recorded a conclusion of suicide.

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