PLANS to turn a Whitchurch building into a charity conference venue have been submitted to Shropshire Council.

The applicant, Mr Melchor Miranda, from the charity, Free Believers in Jesus Christ (FBiJC), wants to make the change to the Highgate, formerly belonging to a removals company.

He submitted the plans to Shropshire Council on Tuesday, April 18.

Mr Miranda wants to see the charity conference venue include 11 bedrooms with en-suites and a dining/multi-use room and a single-storey side extension to provide a community hall.


A design and access statement was provided by O-RU Architects.

It said: "The Highgate will primarily serve as a conference base for the charity with regular daytime meetings and ancillary food and beverage events.

"Because of the global nature of the charity and its patronage, the Highgate proposal incorporates serviced accommodation to the upper floor.

"The proposed hall to the east of the site is a result of the requirement for these conferences and meetings.

"The charity also wishes to open its doors to the local community; allowing the hall to be used for leisure and recreation, such as sports and social clubs.

"Following the response from pre-application advice, it is noted that the events hosted in the hall would be mindful of the residential proximity with curfews and restrictions applied to said events."

The statement added: "As part of the programme proposed by the FBiJC, the charity is keen to open its doors to the local community for use by local societies, clubs, social events and gatherings.

"The hope is that the new building could provide a welcoming hub for Whitchurch residents."

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The statement also mentioned transport.

It said: "The site will provide 17 parking spaces, including two electric vehicle charging spaces.

"The parking spaces will not be allocated to the serviced apartments or community hall, so they can be used by visitors to either."

To find out more visit the Shropshire Council planning portal and search 23/01452/FUL.