A POPULAR Michelin-starred venue has announced it will be relocating to Shropshire.

Fraiche has based in Oxton on the Wirral Peninsula since 2004, but it has now closed with owner Marc Wilkinson confirming on Facebook that it will be relocating to the county although details of the exact location are still to be revealed.

The restaurant plans to release bookings on June 1.

Marc said: "The eagle-eyed local guests may have noticed the Fraiche signage has been removed and the infamous moon is now down and safely into my backpack.


"This can only mean Fraiche is indeed on the move and I leave Oxton filled with many memories and pride of what I have achieved so far with Fraiche and not forgetting the wonderful people I have met along the way.

"Now it’s time to evolve Fraiche and relocate it to the stunning countryside of Shropshire.

"A huge thank you to all who have supported the restaurant and hope some of you venture down to try the new environment this summer.

"Bookings will be released on June 1 on our new website at Fraiche.

"The menu style will continue at the same high standards, the chef and of course octopus and the moon will be reassuringly familiar to you.

"One new bonus for guests will be the option to stay over in my guest room and we will now offer private parking which is such a luxury."

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In 2018, Marc confirmed he was looking to move Fraiche to a larger site, but announced earlier last year that he had decided to stay put on Rose Mount.

Since opening the venue has won a loyal following from diners and critics.