RESIDENTS of a small community outside Whitchurch have said they have been left ‘upset and unsure’ after being told their homes are set to be sold.

Tenants of Moss Cottages, in Whixall, received a letter from landowners The Wardle Family at the start of April explaining their decision to sell all of its cottages, after the sale of one property generated ‘huge’ interest.

The letter ­– seen by the Whitchurch Herald – added that all tenants will be given the opportunity to buy the properties through estate agents Bowen’s, in Ellesmere, and that it was ‘not a decision taken lightly’.

However, one resident whose family has lived in their cottage for more than a decade, admitted her ‘devastation’ at receiving the letter on April 4 because they are not in a position to make the purchase.

“We’ve been offered the chance to buy the house for £150,000 at a discounted price," said the tenant, who did not want to be named.

“When number nine went up for sale, we asked for reassurance that the other properties weren’t going to be sold.


“We were told to make these houses our homes and because of that, my husband went self-employed.

“We’ve been here for 11 years and our family has grown.

“But now because my husband has gone self-employed, it will make it harder for us to get a mortgage to buy this.

“We’re beyond devastated – our children go to the school here, it’s quiet and a great place for them to grow up.”

Another resident, who has lived in her property since the mid-1990s and did not want to be named, said she had been left upset by the decision.

And she added that even if she could stay as a sitting tenant, she feels there is no guarantee a new landlord would be as accommodating.

Whitchurch Herald:

She said: “I am checking with legal advice and waiting to hear back from the Wardle Family to confirm if I am an insured tenant.

“I’ve been here since 1996 – they can’t evict us but can sell with us as sitting tenants.

“We’ve not been given a timescale to move out – just to buy – but not all of the people have the potential to buy.

“I’ve not slept for three nights and I’m already in ill health as it is.

“They assured us that they didn’t want us to be upset even though I was after the letter.

“Everybody is upset – we’ve done our bit to maintain the cottages with additional work.

“We want them to do the right thing as we’ve been loyal too, and if we could buy our home, we wouldn’t be here.”

The Wardle Family declined to comment.

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