THREE ambassadors for a local young farmers group will be cycling through Malpas for charity later this month.

Winifred Bullock, Bethany Candy and Rachel Weaver, from Cheshire Young Farmers (YFC), are known as the Cheshire Dairy Queen Team and they will be cycling more than 100 miles from Stretton near Warrington to Bidlea Dairy near Crewe on the 'Tour of Cheshire' in support of the Farming Community Network (FCN).

The event will take place on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26.

The ambassadors, who were appointed in May last year, chose the FCN because of the work it does to help farmers struggling with many issues including those related to their businesses and their health.

The trio said: "The FCN provides support for farmers and families within the farming community.

"It will walk with you through your worries and troubles, and provide support and guidance for any queries.

"One of its biggest missions this year is for people to approach for help before they feel like they are at breaking point.

"The FCN get to know the farmer and family, and provide the appropriate support for each scenario.

"They know there’s no quick fix, but having their support eases the pain and problems faced in farming today."


Winifred, Bethany and Rachel are enjoying the role and spoke about the importance of Cheshire YFC for people in farming communities.

They said: "We really enjoy meeting with our fantastic members and the Cheshire YFC sponsors who support our wonderful organisation.

"We strongly believe Cheshire YFC is a crucial organisation within the farming community.

"Without young farmers, the farming community would not be as strong as it is.

"We help our members learn, socialise with other members and gain vital life skills.

"We are so proud to be ambassadors and have made it our mission to represent and promote to the best of our abilities."

The trio hope people will join them along the way and that people in agricultural communities will always have someone to turn to.

They said: "We’re welcoming the members of the young farmers' clubs to join us for parts of the route.

"We hope the challenge will show that all of Cheshire YFC is united.

"We will always be there for each other no matter how far or how challenging the journey is we will get to the end.

"We want Cheshire YFC and surrounding supporters to know it’s a support network for anyone that might feel they have nowhere to turn to and we are all in this together."