A MUCH loved dog in Whitchurch who was the subject of a string of fundraising efforts has died.

Rolo, a Stafforshire Bull Terrier owned by Dailey Wojda, suffered from a mysterious bone disease which caused him pain.

Last year money was raised to help pay for vets to try to diagnose the disease, how to treat it and scans, but Rolo's condition got worse and a decision was made to let him go.

Dailey's close friend Becka Cooper spoke about what the much loved dog meant for people.


She said: "Everybody is absolutely heartbroken. Dailey had Rolo cremated on Friday and has his ashes at home.

"We have all clubbed together to get him a memorial bracelet with the ashes in it.

"The last six to 12 months have been about Rolo.

"He'd get up in the night to give him his medication and then in the morning and make sure he had the right food."

Becka added: "The bone disease had become so aggressive in his skull that it was putting too much pressure on his brain.

"Dailey was carrying him everywhere.

"The vet who is a lovely guy said it is time to do what is best for Rolo.

"Dailey agreed while obviously heartbroken. We did what we could.

"After all the trials and tribulations with this kind of medication, there was no where else to go with it. It is devastating."

Shortly before Rolo's passing, Dailey and a few friends had a birthday party to celebrate Rolo's ninth birthday.

Becka said: "It was only a few friends and Dailey's family.

"He was surrounded by the people he had grown up with.

"He had a nice little dog friendly cake. We did sit and spoke about the time we spent with him.

"When it came to the end of night we took Dailey home and said our goodbyes.

"It was heartbreaking but just having that special bit of time with Rolo was nice."

People in Whitchurch have been supporting Dailey.

Becka said: "Dailey and his family are very thankful for the support.

"They really appreciate everything people have done.

"Dailey said it is more overwhelming now, after knowing how much support they have had."

Rolo's ashes are in Dailey's home and Becka spoke what the bracelet will mean for her close friend.

She explained: "It has helped Dailey a lot because he now has Rolo at home.

"He can look forward to carrying Rolo with him every day when he gets his bracelet."