A WEM man who used a browser to delete his ‘dark web’ internet history, breaching a sexual harm prevention order, has been told he will be sentenced at the crown court.

William Martin, 29 and of Station Road, pleaded guilty at Telford Magistrates Court to breaching the order that was imposed on him by Shrewsbury Crown Court in September, 2020.

Prosecutor Sara Beddows told the court that Martin initially told police officers - who made an unscheduled visit on October 6, 2022, to check on him as part of the order - that he had not deleted any internet history since a previous visit.


However, he then rang the officers to admit that he had lied to them and that he had installed a TOR browser, which blocks people from seeing what websites you visit.

Miss Beddows added that he was aware that meant he had breached the order, and called for Magistrates to send his sentencing up to the crown court that imposed it.

Magistrates agreed and order an update to a pre-sentence report already on his record and Martin will attend court at a date to be confirmed.