PLANS to turn land near Whitchurch into a public dog exercise play area have been granted planning permission.

Applicants, Andrew and Lindsey Reeves, were given the go-ahead by Shropshire Council to turn Glebe Farm near Whixall into a site where local people and visitors can go and exercise their dogs on Monday, April 24.

Case officer Richard Denison said it would provide employment and additional income for the applicants.

He said: "In light of the above it is considered that the proposed development is in relation to an existing on-site dwelling and business and will provide local employment and additional income for the applicants and will provide a countryside leisure and recreational facility for dog owners and would comply with relevant planning policies and therefore approval is recommended."


The application received mixed responses with Whixall Parish Council opposing it.

A parish council spokesperson said: "The parish council objects to this application on the grounds of its impact on residents in the locality."

However, it also received strong support from others.

Tony Dolan said: "I support this planning application for a dog exercise area within the Whixall location for the following reasons.

"As far as I am aware, there is no controlled dog walking area within Whixall, or its immediate surrounding areas, where it is safe to exercise your dog(s) where they can exercise freely without the need of being attached to a dog lead and also do not have to remain in close proximity of their owner.

"This application could address this issue.

"Dogs that are not attached to a lead would be unable to exit the controlled dog exercise area due to it being a secured fenced area.

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"The area between Wem to Whitchurch is as we all know, a rural area with a considerable amount of country lanes where unfortunately not all drivers respect country lane driving thus putting both local dog walkers and horse riders at considerable risk.

"I am by profession a chartered safety practitioner and therefore will always support anything that would reduce the risk of harm to humans or animals.

"I, therefore, see this planning application as a risk reduction venture.

"I personally believe the idea of a controlled dog exercising area would be supported by many local dog walkers in that they will know that it is an area that is safe for their dogs to exercise and interact with other dogs."