MALPAS residents have opposed plans to build 17 new homes in the town.

The applicant, Archway Homes Ltd, want to build the new homes on land to the west of Lynchet Road and submitted the plans to Cheshire West and Chester Council last month.

Many residents have expressed concerns that the development would lead to an increase in traffic in the area and potential danger to children.


Nia Price said: "Lynchet Road is already being used as a through road by non-residents wishing to avoid using the frequently congested High Street.

"This application will result in more traffic using Lynchet Road, which in turn will make it more difficult for cars trying to reverse off driveways.

"This is already a challenge at peak times and does not need to be made worse.

"Increased traffic will increase the noise nuisance coming from vehicles using Lynchet Road as they pass my house, which they will have to do to gain access to the proposed development."

Fears were expressed over the impact on infrastructure.

Chris Wright said: "As a resident of Malpas for over 40 years, I have watched the development of several areas of natural beauty, become estates of various sizes and ranges of homes.

"Much needed homes for the younger generation and their children.

"However, surely now is the time to say enough is enough.

"The infrastructure to accommodate all the current growing families is still not here yet, currently schools, doctors' surgery, dentists, etc are at breaking point."

Fears over loss of green spaces were raised.

Iain and Lyn Tinkler said: "Malpas currently lacks sufficient open green spaces, particularly safe areas for children to play.

"If approved, the proposed development would further diminish the availability of such spaces, negatively impacting the mental well-being and social interaction of residents.

"The existing recreation ground in Malpas is already overcrowded, highlighting the urgent need for additional community spaces."

A design and access statement was prepared for the developer and it said it had taken into consideration the views of residents.

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It said: "Comments made by the local planning authority and neighbours have been taken into consideration and every attempt has been made to design a scheme which creates a desirable residential community which sits harmoniously in its surroundings."

It added: "Our scheme will provide high-quality family homes as well as affordable housing and financial contributions to the local community.

"Generous gardens and spacing between properties, landscaped frontages, areas which will be enhanced for biodiversity to provide ecological value and be within distance of local amenities all contribute to this development being a desirable place to live and it will be a positive contribution to Malpas."