NORTH Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has presented a petition on rural bus services in Parliament as part of a campaign to improve public transport in the country.

In 2022, data showed that Whitchurch was in the bottom 10 per cent nationally for towns of their size when it came to bus departures.

This lack of service provision, according to the MP, has a ‘considerable knock-on’ for villages along routes to places like Shrewsbury and Telford.

Mrs Morgan, the Liberal Democrat MP spokesman for Levelling Up, said transport links in the county must improve to ensure people can access services, jobs and onward transport.


The MP, who won the seat in 2021 in a by-election, says the issue around rural bus provision pre-dated her win at the polls and she hopes to keep making progress.

She said: “Shropshire has some of the poorest bus services in the country, and residents who don’t drive are often left isolated.

“I have heard far too many upsetting stories from constituents about medical appointments missed, job opportunities lost, and a feeling of helplessness to change the situation.

“I’ve been campaigning on this since before my election and we’ve recently seen some small progress – with the £2 fare cap continuing and recent announcement of £1.5 million for Shropshire buses.

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“However, if the government really wanted to level up Shropshire and give the rural economy, health services, and improve day-to-day life, they would take bus provision much more seriously, with a clear strategy to revive services.

“A huge thank you must go out to the 1,611 residents who signed our petition and backed my Bus Bill.

“There is clear public demand out there across North Shropshire for real investment to link up our villages and towns properly, rather than the rickety unreliable provision we’ve become all too used to.”

The petition, signed by 1,611 residents of the county, backed her Bus Bill proposals which would guarantee seven-day services to services like hospitals, GP practices, schools, and railway stations.

Therefore, allowing residents to get to medical appointments, get to work, and get and onto the high street, combating rural isolation.

The petition has now been sent to the Department for Transport and will need to be considered and responded to by a Government minister.