DETECTORISTS in north Shropshire have been told by the county’s coroner that a gold Medieval brooch found in 2022 is treasure.

John Ellery, Shropshire coroner, held an inquest into the find of a cast gold and gem-set annular brooch – dating back to around 1200 to 1399 AD – which was found between Whitchurch and Market Drayton at Moreton Say in August 2022.

Mr Ellery read out a report from Dr Ian L Bass, finds liaison officer for Herefordshire and Shropshire, stating that the age of the item and its make up meant he could make a ruling that it could be considered as treasure.


The report concluded: “The object is more than 300 years old and comprises more than 10 per cent precious metal and thus qualifies as Treasure under the stipulations of the Treasure Act 1996.”

Dr Bass’s report stated that the brooch had a flat-sectioned frame with two opposed oval collets which taper towards the top.

It added: “The collets (a sleeve or collar) measure around 8mm in height and 6.3mm x 4.7mm at their base, tapering to a setting approximately 2.7mm x 2.3mm in which cabochon gems are set.

“One collet contains a greenish-blue cabochon stone, perhaps a sapphire, and the other contained a purple cabochon stone (now separate from the brooch after discovery), possibly amethyst or garnet.

“There is a flanged/rectangular transverse ridge on the upper face at either side of the narrowing for the cast pin.

“The pin is D-shaped in section, with a rectangular collar next to the loop.

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“The pin rest is formed from a separate lozengiform plate which has been soldered to the brooch frame and decorated with an engraved star formed from eight radiating grooves.”

Dr Bass added that there are other examples found in the UK including in Norfolk, Suffolk and Warwickshire.

Mr Ellery concluded that the items could be classed as treasure.