More than 20 drivers were caught speeding in an hour after West Mercia Police officers set up a speed trap following complaints by local residents.

Police in Whitchurch requested support from a traffic motorcycle team to set up a speed trap on Chester Road in Whitchurch after residents complained about dangerous driving in the area.

Officers attended Chester Road for an hour and managed to catch a driver speeding every three minutes leading to 20 vehicles being issued with Traffic Offence Reports – with the highest recorded speed being 42mph.

The team also set  up a speed trap on Whitchurch Road in Prees but found no vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

A spokesperson for Whitchurch Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We will continue to monitor both locations along with other routes identified to us in and around the Whitchurch Town and Rural area and deal with any offences as appropriate as part of our safer roads plan built into the Local Community Charter concerns.”