A NEW form of therapy that uses cold water, breath and dance is coming to Whitchurch with a class beginning next month.

The Flow Hub is a new venture focused on holistic wellbeing events that combine education, breath work, cold water exposure, and ecstatic dance sessions at Whitchurch’s Alderford Lake, starting on Sunday, April 7 with an ‘activating breathwork’ class.

Libby Nellany is behind the class and she said wants people to embrace the alternative classes that she hopes to rotate on a weekly Sunday basis and believes it will help with a number of issues.


She said: “As a seasoned psychotherapist and supervisor within the NHS, specialising in high-intensity cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, I have always been passionate about mental health.

“However, my personal journey has led me to embrace somatic therapies such as breath work, cold water therapy, and ecstatic dance.

“Recognising the gap between traditional talk therapies and somatic approaches, I am on a mission to bridge this divide.

“The Flow Hub is uniquely positioned to cater to diverse needs, offering tailored events for corporate business gatherings, community building, and individual wellbeing enhancement.

“By blending my extensive mental health background with somatic techniques, The Flow Hub aims to attract individuals who may have overlooked or dismissed somatic therapies.

“Our approach integrates 12 years of therapeutic knowledge, introducing practical tools and good working practices for everyday life.

“Our inaugural event, just a few weeks away, marks a significant step in this journey, and I would like to extend an invitation to you to participate and cover this milestone.”

Libby added that she is on the autism spectrum and that she understands the benefits of both talk therapy and somatic – focus on the body – techniques and believes her classes would help neurodivergent people through the work she does.

She added: “The Flow Hub endeavours to make mindfulness practices more accessible and engaging, especially for individuals who are neurodivergent, by incorporating elements like body awareness and music.

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“I believe that by de-stigmatising and making these approaches more accessible, we can reach a wider audience and promote wellness from both perspectives.

“Our message is fostering a broader understanding of holistic wellbeing.”

For more about The Flow Hub, head to  www.theflowhub.co.uk or email Libby at theflowhub@outlook.com