THE number of men attending a special event to test for prostate cancer in Whitchurch has hit a new record high for 2024.

Nearly 1,000 men, all aged 50 and above, gave blood samples for prostate cancer testing at Whitchurch Rotary’s periodic healthcare event held this week.

The record number of 953 was more than 50 per cent up on the previous screening session – making it one of Rotary’s largest community health projects in the country.


The four-hour annual event at the town’s Rugby Club centred on a team of professional phlebotomists joining forces with volunteer organisational support by Rotarians, Inner Wheel members, friends and supporters.

Whitchurch Rotary president Graham King admitted he was delighted with the turnout for the event, which has helped many men.

“Being involved in this project, and the atmosphere throughout the evening, is never less than amazing,” he said.

“It’s become such a well-supported, appreciated and rewarding life-saving project.

“The PSA tests – launched nine years ago for early detection of prostate cancer – are done free of charge with costs covered by Rotary from fundraising projects and public donations.”

Since they were introduced the tests have recommended hundreds of men to seek further medical advice which, it is estimated, has saved dozens of lives.

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The latest screening session took place at Whitchurch Rugby Club on Monday, March 18 was a three-hour testing session with a team of professional phlebotomists that joined forces with volunteer support from Rotarians, Inner Wheel members, and friends.

Participants were either given a clean bill of health or were advised to seek future support.

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