STAFF at Whitchurch opticians have urged people to follow up on any issues with their eyesight after one customer needed hospital treatment.

Paul Fenwick visited Specsavers in Whitchurch, in Brownlow Street, in March 2023 with symptoms of 'flashes' in his vision, patches of vision lost, while he could also see black and white spots jumping around.

This, according to store manager Jenny Hardern, led to him being diagnosed with a serious eye injury and she wanted to use him as an example of why eye tests are vital.


She said: “Our amazing store supervisor Sayde Eggerton took details of all the symptoms, and from the superb 'eye health' training that has been provided by Specsavers, realised that this customer needed to be seen urgently.

“Our optometrist Haidar saw Mr Fenwick within a couple of hours and quickly recognised that he had a retinal tear and urgently referred him to the hospital.

“The ophthalmologist that Mr Fenwick was referred to told him that the quick thinking and expert knowledge from the staff at Specsavers saved his sight.

“Following this eyesight scare Mr Fenwick is urging anyone who hasn't recently been for an eye test to reconsider.

"All the care received comes from a great team of professionals working together.

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“All the staff al Specsavers Whitchurch were delighted when we found out that our service saved Mr Fenwick from losing his sight in one eye.

“Well done team, and thank you to Mr Fennick for letting us share his story.”

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