A FUNDRAISER for the Bradbury Centre in Whitchurch has thanked the many businesses and the town council for helping buy a vital tool for guests.

Millie Wilson, fundraiser at the Claypit Street facility since October, unveiled its activity table which allows vulnerable users or people living with dementia to play games, speak to loved ones or even watch films and listen to music, and will help maintain cognitive abilities.

She admitted she is delighted that so many businesses responded to her call and showed off the new table on Friday with the help of centre boss Mandy Silvester and mayor Councillor Andy Hall.


“We sent out a letter to businesses in Whitchurch asking for help,” said Millie.

“We got a really good response from it and we raised the funds before Christmas and had the table delivered in the new year which is just amazing.

“Money is so tight for all at the minute so to raise the £5,000 in that time is brilliant.

“It’s going to have such an impact on the guests especially for people living with dementia because their emotions can be heightened.

“It’s good for people who need a time out to be distracted and it’s got sensory games, they can reminisce and remember who they are, can watch YouTube music videos, and connect with family.

“This is the start of what we can do here – we’ve got a new garden to create, a sold-out bingo event and then an open-air cinema in June with 500 tickets to raise funds for our projects.”

Mandy said she gave Millie the challenge to Millie to fund the item and was delighted with her work.

She added: “This is adding to the massive positive feeling we have here – Millie has done a great job and I’m super proud of how she’s pulled this out of the bag.

“It gives the centre a good feel – we’re a good team here, everyone is involved with everything and it creates a great atmosphere for staff and the people here.

“It’s just lovely and with our future too for the grant from the Foundation, I’m very passionate about what happens here.”

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Cllr Hall added: “Whitchurch Town Council is delighted to support this and it’s a gamechanger for the centre.

“It gives people something to do, keeps them in touch with their relatives and goes to prove what an amazing facility we’ve got on the doorstep here in Whitchurch.

“We’re lucky here to have it – we have to spread that message far and wide.”