A NORTH Shropshire business that creates hampers has expanded its premises and taken on new staff.

The Host’s Pantry, near Prees, is run by local couple, Jessica Beardmore and Scott Woodland, and they offer a stress-free solution to hosting at home.

The business has recently expanded its premises in Marchamley Wood, north of Shrewsbury, and taken on a new staff member and external marketing team.

The owners have also recently bought the Shropshire Hamper Company, allowing them to grow their gift offering to include hampers filled with locally produced ambient food and drink.


Jessica said: “Although the idea for The Host’s Pantry has been bubbling under the surface for years, it’s only now that it feels we are in full swing with orders for our hosting at home boxes flying off the shelves.

“Taking over the Shropshire Hamper Company has expanded our Christmas gifting options.

“You can gift the foodie in your life a luxury dinner to cook at home from The Host’s Pantry, or with the hamper side of the business, you can place a large order to thank an entire workforce or client base with locally produced food and drink.”

They curate recipes and source the premium produce and ingredients needed, delivering everything in one neat package straight to their customers’ door.

It took a few years for the business to get off the ground.

Aged 18, Scott made an impromptu decision to hop on a train to London.

There he built a career in hospitality, eventually managing restaurants in the capital, which began his obsession with food, wine, and recipes.

Soon an idea for a new business was born, to elevate the everyday recipe box into a luxury option to make hosting at home simple.

As Scott and Jessica were both working long hours in full time jobs, the idea remained just that.

But years later, the pandemic gave them the space to turn the idea in to reality.

In 2020 a friend designed a logo, so to say thank you, they put together their first recipe box.

The recipients loved the box, and shared the result with friends, who ordered boxes too, and the business grew from there.

Jessica added: “We’re a solution for people who want a helping hand to host stunning meals at home with loved ones.

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“Our pantry of premium produce can be an extension of your own kitchen, plus we’re now a foodie gifting solution too.

“We have options for hosting in the lead up to Christmas or on New Year’s Eve – think of us as your one stop shop for entertaining guests over the festive period and beyond.”

Find out more at hostspantry.com