A YEAR 6 pupil, from a school near Malpas, is striving to make a difference, dedicating every Saturday to litter picking.

Brooke Williams,10, a student at Borderbrook VC Primary School, Tallarn Green, Wrexham, is already halfway through her 10-week challenge to improve her local environment and raise funds for her school.

Her headteacher, Emma Jones, hailed her efforts for the sponsored litter-picking, saying it's a "fabulous example of our young generation making a positive contribution to our community."


She added: “She’s created her own sponsor form, and it was entirely her idea.

“We are a small school, and we were talking about how to fundraise for the school, and she came up with the litter-picking.

“When she completes the full 10 weeks she will be able to donate the money she raised to the school.”

The headteacher explained that Brooke gets help from her mum and she is completing the challenge near her home in Penley.

Mrs Jones continued: “I am very proud of her and how she’s taken control with her own idea to help the environment and the school.

“This kind and caring young lady is committing her own time to support our lovely school by raising money.

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“Her dedication to improving the environment to help others is just wonderful.

“This is a fabulous example of our young generation making a positive contribution to our community.”

For anyone wishing to donate the school can be contacted on 01948 770676.