THE owners of a new pie shop in Whitchurch have thanked customers for turning out for their official first opening day on Saturday.

David and Emma Martin have opened Martins Pies in Bridgewater Street, with Whitchurch town mayor Councillor Andy Hall carrying out the ribbon-cutting duties.

David said the amount of preparation to be ready for the big day left him exhausted but delighted that so many people came to support them on their big day.


“My stress levels on the morning of the opening were pretty high to be honest,” he said.

“I had a prep list as long as my arm and had about 90 minutes to get it together but we did it.

“The day went as we’d hoped to be honest, as long as the car machine continued to work which are teething problems for all new businesses.

“But we haven’t just had friends and family in – we’ve had a bit of hype on social media so we didn’t know what to expect but fingers crossed that the locals continue to have a little nose and see what we’re about.

“It was great to have Andy here in his mayoral chains for us but it was great to finally have that opening day because it came around so fast.

“After today, I’m going to go home and have a good sleep and already looking forward to this week.

“I’ll be here every day to keep producing as we have the manufacturing side of things, which is the main part of the business.

“We’ll keep the recipes going, and we’re both incredibly proud of each other for what we’ve done but it’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears.”

Cllr Hall said he was proud to be able to open another business in the town.

He added: “It’s been a busy few months opening new premises in Whitchurch and now we’ve got Martins Pies here too.

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“They already run a business but this is their front window opening and they have these amazing hand-crafted pies which is such a unique company.

“Whitchurch Town Council is always behind young businesses and while we haven’t got many empty shops, I would say come and set up here.

“It’s becoming a very foody town too with Martins, a Michelin-recognised restaurant in Docket 33 and many great eateries.”