AN 84-YEAR-old Whitchurch author is to hold a signing for her latest book, following overwhelming demand from the readers.

Marie Sarginson published 'Keeper of the Red Shawl', her first book, in 2021, since when she has had a lot of people ask her about the rest of the story.

The author was overwhelmed by the response, so she got to writing the second and final book in the series – for which she will hold a novel signing on Saturday, November 18, at BookShrop, in Green End, Whitchurch.


Talking about her first book, Marie said: “It’s been so successful I can’t believe it.

“With it being a true story, it’s relating to a real person and real places.

“Then I had people come up to me asking for more. “

 ‘Keeper of the Red Shawl’ is a romantic novel, set in the Victorian Era and is based on the life of Marie's grandmother, Frances and the tale of the four men who helped or delayed her path to freedom.

Now the sequel, ‘Keeper of the Red Shawl: The Secret Shadows’, continues Frances’ journey as she falls in love ones again.

The synopsis reads: “Amidst the challenges of a growing family, Frances finds herself swept away by love once again, this time with a younger hired hand from a neighbouring narrowboat family.

“However, their happiness is short-lived, as the harsh reality sets in that they must keep their love hidden from prying eyes.

“In stolen moments of passion, they cling to each other, longing for the next clandestine rendezvous.”

Marie said this is going to be the last book.

She added: “I have now stopped – I don’t want the story to get old.

“It shows people how it was back then and they can compare it to how things are now.

“My grandma had such difficult life and she taught me a lot.”

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Marie took the decision to see the books published after her family and friends recognised her passion for writing.

She previously composed poems and short stories – some of former being featured on the BBC.

The sequel has been published with Austin Macauley Publishers, and it’s available on their site as well as on Amazon, Waterstones and many other websites and stores.