NEW signage and markings are to be installed on a road near Whitchurch this week in order to improve safety following concerns from a coroner.

An inquest in January, last year, heard how motorists described a junction of Green Lane with the A525 at Hollybush, near Bangor-on-Dee, as “horrible” because of the poor visibility.

Michael Howard Williams, aged 56 and of Chirk, died when his 750cc Honda motorbike collided with an Audi car emerging from the side-road on March 13, 2021.

Following the inquest into his death, Senior Coroner for North Wales (East and Central) John Gittins issued a report to prevent further deaths.

In it, Mr Gittins wrote: "The evidence at inquest, supported by a site visit by me to the scene, indicated that the view for vehicles joining the A525 at this location from Green Lane is obstructed as to traffic approaching from the Wrexham direction as a result of the hedge which abuts the highway at this point. 

"Unless action is taken to improve visibility or to alter the road layout, then there is an ongoing risk that further collisions will occur and that lives may be lost as a result."


Wrexham Council responded by saying it would cut the hedge in question and announced its intention to make a Traffic Regulation Order on Green Lane to make the road one way from the direction of the A525.

Bangor-on-Dee resident Andy McCann told the Leader this week he felt that the road and junction remains unsafe, and stated he didn't feel the council had done enough to address the concerns raised in the Coroner's report.

Mr McCann explained: "I've come face-to-face with a number of fatalities on the road - it's dangerous.

"Only last week I had a call to say a telegraph pole with mains electric high voltage cables had been hit outside Hollybush House.

"At the junction point, you can't see the road markings.

"The highways officers have acknowledged it needs improvement, but they haven't done it."

Wrexham Council issued a statement last week to confirm what works have been undertaken, with some more to take place this week.

A spokesman said: "We have undertaken work to introduce a one-way at Green Lane as a direct result of the Coroner’s report

"The proposed traffic order has been through public consultation, and recently been sealed by legal order.  

"Works to install necessary signage and associated road markings are expected to be underway (week commencing September 25).”

Following the council's confirmation, Mr McCann said he still felt more could be done to improve safety, adding: "The 40mph zone needs extending to include the Hollybush crossroad; if you're driving from Bangor on Dee it goes from the 40 up to a 60 and then you have this critical crossroad.

"It's such a tight corner to be in a 60mph zone."