A YOUNG beautician who was forced to give up her dream of performing on the stage has launched a new business in Whitchurch.

Jessica Sanders had hoped to become a performer, but her aspirations were crushed during the pandemic as she struggled to pursue a career.

With a degree in musical theatre, the 22-year-old, decided to get her certificates as a lash and nail specialist and she has now secured a spot within BeYOUtiful salon on Doddington, Whitchurch.


Jessica said: “I went to a musical theatre college, and it’s something I’ve been doing for over 10 years, but with Covid it was difficult to pursue a career in it.

“I had to retrain, to divert my career – even now the theatre world has not recovered and even though that was my dream I had to do a different course.

“I am lucky that BeYOUtiful had a spare room and I was able to get a chair.”

Jess had to take a job as a lifeguard while she retrained and is still working there part-time while launching her new business.

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“I am doing that to top-up my money,” she added. “But ideally I want to go full-time with my lash and nail business.

“Hopefully soon this will get up and going and I need to have a career long-term”, Jess continued."

She trained at a local company She Lash and Gel Bottle for nails and is planning on training more to hopefully expand in the future, but currently is working on expanding her client base.

Jessica is available from 9am until 8pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and her first 10 customers will receive a discount for her services.