LUKE Goddard has stepped down as manager of Whitchurch Alport Football Club after seven years at the helm.

The Midlands Premier League club hailed the impact of Goddard on the club's fortunes which also included a- brief tenure as chairman of the Yockings Park side.

Goddard and assistant Jack Turner will step down after Saturday's home clash with Bewdley Town.

Goddard said: "This is a harder choice than I`ve made previously but one I have to make to best protect my own health and also the best thing I think for the club longer term.


"I've given my everything to this football club, it's town, in all areas since I joined in 2016.

"The move to the Midland League could've collapsed the club but I wanted to ensure I helped steady the ship which we have done and the club is in a great position to have a good attack this season.

"With the 1,001 jobs I have on a daily basis I can no longer keep going and going, something has to give.

"So the club needs someone who can solely focus on managing without distraction, its extremally tough in the modern game and mentality to recruit for our location with the league we are in and this needs someone who can be very busy, something I can't be with my off field tasks."

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Goddard insisted the club was in a good position to continue competing in the Midlands Premier League with the club's youth system producing a fine crop of players.

"I don't need to dwell or the club, only look forward, so it will be just fine and I wholeheartedly thank those people who have supported myself, the staff and players who have represented this club under my tenure," said Goddard.

"Now is my time to focus for the good of Luke Goddard and his health while still assisting the club with its off field plans to support what will be an exciting season ahead."

The club has invited all applicants to send a CV to and covering letter in privacy to with the closing date Sunday, September 17th at 5pm.