A NORTH Shropshire school has shared its delight in once again earning a worldwide accolade.

Ellesmere College has received the title of a High-Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School.

The HPL approach, embraced throughout the school system from Lower School to Sixth Form, focuses on cultivating not only academic prowess but also vital skills for facing the challenges of the modern world

Headmaster Brendan Wignall said: “We are delighted to have secured High-Performance Learning World Class School Accreditation again and are in elite company with only 38 other schools holding this status globally.

“The HPL World Class School Award Scheme delivers a flexible teaching and learning framework that systematically builds cognitive competencies leading to academic and lifetime success.

“It is a programme we have fully embraced, has been hugely successful and something visitors to the college are asking more about because they have seen that we use it and are keen to learn more.”

Professor Deborah Eyre, founder and chairman at High-Performance Learning, lauded the commitment of both staff and students at Ellesmere College.

She was particularly impressed with the development of the college’s collegiate professional community which is wholly focused on making high-performance learning a key feature of the college’s ethos and vision.

Deborah said the reaccreditation was a ‘considerable milestone in the school’s quest for continuous improvement’.


This prestigious international accreditation underscores the school's commitment to flexible learning frameworks that enhance cognitive abilities and promote academic and lifelong achievements.

The HPL reaccreditation report highlights the positive atmosphere and collegiality that define the college.

It notes the palpable success of students, emphasising their growing self-confidence and motivation.

The report reads: “The college recognises that schooling is not just about academic outcomes, important as they are, but the development of young people who can face an increasingly diverse and challenging world.

“Ellesmere College has made inspirational progress adapting its ways of working to include articulating how teachers teach and why they do the things they do.”

Ellesmere College's dedication to HPL has yielded exceptional results, particularly for students with learning difficulties.

The HPL World Class School Award will be officially conferred on Ellesmere College during the HPL Annual Conference at the University of Warwick in March.

This recognition reinforces the school's position among global leaders in fostering high-performance learning environments.