A MAJOR development to build over 500 new homes in Whitchurch has moved a step closer after Shropshire Council granted full planning permission for the scheme.

Joint applicants Barrett Homes and David Wilson Homes (BDWH) want to build 561 new homes, along with a primary school, sports pitches and plenty of parking on land west of Tilstock Road and were granted permission on Friday, June 16 by the unitary authority.

Shropshire Council was impressed by the plans for affordable homes and recreational facilities.


Planning officer Richard Denison concluded: "This development represents a longstanding allocated housing site with genuine opportunity to be delivered and provide a significant boost of both open market and affordable dwellings in Whitchurch.

"The increase is relatively small.

Whitchurch Herald: Fears have been expressed over the impact on infrastructure.Fears have been expressed over the impact on infrastructure. (Image: Google)

"The site will also provide increased recreational facilities and land available for educational purpose for residents.

"Officers consider that the principle for residential development and associated facilities can be supported."

Shropshire Council spoke about the importance of the new education facilities.

Whitchurch Herald: The developers plan to include sports facilities and primary school.The developers plan to include sports facilities and primary school. (Image: Shropshire Council)

A spokesperson said: "This development along with future housing in the area is highly likely to create a requirement for additional school places to support the educational needs of children in Whitchurch.

"It is therefore essential that the developers of this and any new housing in this area contribute towards the consequential cost of any additional places or facilities considered necessary to meet pupil requirements in the area."

Sport England welcomed the provision of a new cricket pitch, but said that hopes of a new pavilion being included had been rebuffed.

A spokesperson said: "We note that the applicant has pushed back on the request to include the provision of a cricket pavilion/changing rooms.

"This is disappointing as the club will clearly need additional provision in order to use the new pitch, and I understand they are actively exploring options to extend their existing building.

"However, noting that there is already an extant planning consent in place that does not require the provision of a pavilion building we understand that the Council may not see this as sufficient grounds for refusal.

"That being the case, we do not wish to object solely on this point."

Whitchurch Herald: Whitchurch Town Council took a neutral position.Whitchurch Town Council took a neutral position. (Image: Shropshire Council)

Whitchurch Alport FC supported the proposal and chairman Jim Goddard said: "From a community point, the facilities that this development will provide to our club will enable us to host football events which Whitchurch currently does not enjoy, such as small-side football leagues, walking football, football for the disabled and vulnerable adults and children.

"This will be a facility for schools to use during the day and a venue for parties and celebrations for all.

"It is a fantastic opportunity for the town and will bring many new jobs and families to the community.

"We as a club fully support this application."

Whitchurch Herald: The developers want to build homes suitable for families.The developers want to build homes suitable for families. (Image: Shropshire Council)

Some residents objected to the development fearing the impact on public services.

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Christopher Simmons said: "561 houses seems an awfully large number and will swamp Whitchurch and its facilities, school, health service etc.

"It also bothers me that the school will be built right next to what will become a very busy road.

"With the likelihood of an excess of 250+ cars morning and night plus deliveries, it will be a dangerous and risky area for pedestrians and cyclists."