TRUCKERS and truck enthusiasts will be gathering in Whitchurch next weekend as the town hosts the annual Ultimate Trucks Whitchurch event.

The gathering will take place in Whitchurch Rugby Club in Edgeley Road on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11.

The show took place in the same location last year and organisers are pleased to be coming back to Whitchurch.

Stuart Nagington said: "It is good. The show is very popular in the trucking community as people want to come back.


"I think it is important for the club and the area that the show is there."

Stuart spoke about how the show is beneficial for the haulage industry.

He said: "We get trucks attending from all over the country and others from Ireland. We have had trucks come from as far as the Netherlands.

"It is great for local guys because there is a good show on their doorstep.

"The haulage industry suffered a lot and the drivers are under immense pressure.

"It is a very difficult industry with long hours and being out on the road. They don't necessarily get the respect they deserve.

"We try and provide them a good event with good facilities and a warm welcome."

He was pleased with how the event went when it was held in Whitchurch last year.

He said: "It was a great success last year. It was one of our best years.

"People were so happy to be there without restrictions.

"It is nice to see it grow from strength to strength."

Stuart confirmed that people have been attending events and showing interest in becoming involved after seeing videos and blogs online.

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He said: "There has been a huge impact on social media. There are a lot of drivers now running daily blogs and accounts and showing the lives of a trucker.

"I think it is encouraging people to come to these kinds of events and speak to people directly and see what it is about. It is a really friendly industry to be in."

He added: "Every year, there is a story from at least one person in the industry who has gone above and beyond to do things for others.

"There are so many truckers who are always doing something for charity

"There is so much good which comes from this industry."