A BRONINGTON woman has described her day out at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party for the Coronation as a ‘wonderful experience’.

Olive Arnold, 80, attended the party after she was nominated for services to the community of Bronington over a number of years, helping many elderly people within the village.

Olive attended the garden party with her daughter Tracey three days after King Charles III’s big day on May 6.

She added that she was even happy to go shopping for a new outfit to celebrate the big day.

“It went very well and it was a really wonderful experience,” said Olive.


“We had a lovely sunny day though there was a bit of rain when the Royals came down to speak to us all.

“We met Princess Anne – she was lovely and spoke to us, and we also met Prince William and Prince Edward.

“The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester came and spoke to us too, while Princess Kate and Sophie Duchess of Edinburgh were on the other side of the walkway.

“I was so proud to be nominated – I was nominated by lots of lovely people from the village who were grateful for the work I’ve done.

“The Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, Anna Turner, she nominated for me to attend the garden party.

“I had to go out and buy something new for the day – I’m not a shopper, I don’t like it but I really didn’t mind this time.

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“I just want to say thanks to all the people who have nominated me.

“The nomination was actually before lockdown but I’ve ended up going there for the Coronation, which was wonderful.

“I don’t actually think of myself as old.”