Proposals to re-draw almost all of Shropshire Council’s ward boundaries have been unveiled.

Draft maps published today reveal how borders will shift to recognise areas that have seen huge population growth since the current 63 wards were created, along with the council itself, in 2009.

The proposals from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) also account for expected growth in the coming years from the creation of new settlements at Tasley and the Ironbridge Power Station.

A consultation on the proposals is open until July, with the changes to be finalised later this year. The changes will take effect at the 2025 local elections.

The new unitary authority boundaries aim to even out disparity in the number of electors per ward, with each councillor to represent 3,594 voters, with a tolerance of 10 per cent either way, based on 2028 predictions.


The LGBCE has already decided the council should continue to have 74 elected members, and, as per a formal request from the council, attempted to split the county into 74 single-member wards.

There were only two areas where this could not be achieved, with the draft proposals putting forward 70 single-member wards and two which is says should have two councillors.

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St Martin’s, currently represented by a single councillor, could become one of them, expanding eastwards to absorb Welsh Frankton and Tetchill south of Ellesmere, and westwards to the Welsh border, taking in Weston Rhyn and Chirk Bank from the current two-member ward of Gobowen, Selattyn and Weston Rhyn.

In Wem, one ward will be focussed tightly on the town itself while the new ward of Wem Rural and Whixhall will take in the surrounding areas.

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Whitchurch will retain three councillors, but the two-member ward of Whitchurch North will be divided, into the single-member wards of Whitchurch North and Whitchurch West.

Whitchurch South will be renamed Whitchurch South and Rural, expanding to take in the parish of Ightfield from Prees division.

Professor Colin Mellors, chair of the LGBCE, urged people to get involved with the consultation, which is open until July 10.

He said: “We want to make sure these new electoral arrangements reflect communities."

Council leader Lezley Picton said: “As these proposals are likely to affect a large number of people across our area I encourage all local residents to have a look for themselves and submit their comments as part of the consultation.”

More information on the consultation can be found on the LGBCE website.