CLYWD South MP Simon Baynes visited a respected organisation dedicated to preserving vintage road steam engines near Whitchurch and learn more about them.

Mr Baynes visited Tony Seddon, the owner and operator of a number of the machines and part of the National Traction Engine Trust (NTET) in Bronington.

Mr Seddon is head of the technical services unit for NTET and the organisation is dedicated to preservation of road steam engines and is one of the most respected worldwide in this field.


Mr Baynes was pleased with the visit and was able to see two road steam engines working and found out about the work by Mr Seddon's colleagues, Tom Attwood and Bill Lowe.

Whitchurch Herald:

He said: "I was truly amazed by the level of expertise and dedication displayed by the NTET team in preserving these historic machines. 

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet Tony Seddon, Tom Attwood and Bill Lowe and to learn about Tony and Tom’s work at the NTET. 

"It was a fascinating experience that has allowed me to gain a true appreciation for the history and significance of these magnificent machines."

A spokesperson for Mr Baynes added: "This provided him with a valuable insight into the work of the organisation, the issues they face with regard to fuels for the engines and its ongoing commitment to preserving the heritage of steam traction engines for future generations.

Whitchurch Herald:

"The work of Tony Seddon and his colleagues is vital in achieving this goal."

Mr Seddon was pleased with the support shown by the Clywd South MP.

He said: "I am delighted in the interest shown by Simon.

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"He clearly grasps the issues NTET, its members and the wider steam community face and his assistance with these issues will be crucial.

"With the reduction of coal mining in the UK and overseas, NTET is working hard to find other sources of fuel for the historic engines and we need to ensure that the significant financial contribution that they make to the economy and the support for charities and the wellbeing benefits they bring to the UK public continue for many years to come.

"NTET looks forward to Simon’s support and we thank him for taking the time to help us."