A TRACTOR run will be taking place in Malpas to raise money for a mental health charity.

The Malpas Charity Tractor Road Run will be taking place tomorrow (Sunday, April 16) in Corbett's Yard and the organisers are hoping to raise money for Wrexham-based Pwrpas MENtal Health Matters.

The route will start in Malpas and will take those taking part to Farndon before coming back to Malpas.

Event organiser, Jane Mullock said there were many reasons why Pwrpas was chosen.


She added: "I know a lad who took his own life.

"It is the first time we've raised money for it.We take it in turns each year to raise money for a different charity."

The issue of mental health being a stigma in farming communities was raised.

Jane said: "There is a very high rate of suicide among farmers. They spend a hell of a lot of time on their own. Many will not ask for help.

"We hope to make people aware that there is help out there for people who might need it."

The organiser is expecting a good turnout on Sunday.

She said: "Ninety-five will be turning up, we have got a good turnout. 

"We have had around that number before, but not for the last few years. It is just really good.

"We organise it every year, but with Covid-19 and other stuff we have not had a proper one for a couple of years."

She continued: "They're all vintage tractors and there will be no modern ones.

"All the tractors have been booked in before."

Raffle tickets will be on sale during the day and Jane said there are plenty of great prizes up for grabs.

She added: "We have also received donations to the JustGiving page.

"We have had about £275 on the JustGiving page.

"The tractors will all pay £20 to enter and a percentage of that will go towards the charity."

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