A WHITCHURCH beauty salon owner is celebrating her first year in business and has reflected on making her dreams come true. has spoken about she's always wanted to run a salon and offer affordable luxury treatments.

Suzannah Mc Ardle had always wanted to run a salon and offer affordable luxury treatments, and last year she launched the Doll House - DH Beauty in Chester Road.

In the months since Suzannah has welcomed hundreds of clients through her door.

She said: "I always knew I wanted to open a salon, but I was feeling a little nervous about taking such a big step so quickly.

"I started offering friends nail and foot treatments at home.

"This quickly escalated to their friends and other people with the help of social media."


Suzannah had already established her own photography business before going down the beauty route - and that business is still going strong.

But she decided to take on a beauty course when colleges re-opened after the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

Suzannah said: "I wanted to have something positive come out of Covid-19. So I thought I would go back to college and retrain again.

"And that is what I did and I retained in beauty.

"I started working from home with friends and family and I got busier and busier. I became so busy and I decided to open my own salon.

"I just wanted to offer affordable luxury for mothers like myself."

Suzannah decided to move into her current premises in July last year after seeing her customer base grew.

Whitchurch Herald:

She explained: "I trained for about two years. I worked from home for about six months.

"It got extremely busy and then it was time for me to open my own salon and that is what I did.

She added: "I have been always busy, even in January. I thought January was going to be really quiet. I have to say it was one of my busiest months."

You can follow The Doll House - DH Beauty via www.facebook.com/DHBeauty.Suzannah

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