NORTH Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has formally launched an attempt to remove the need for photo identification

The Liberal Democrat MP, who is the party spokesman on Local Government, has tabled a Bill in Parliament that would remove the need for people to have identification to vote at all future UK elections.

The Elections (Voter Identification Requirements) Bill has been co-signed by 11 other Lib Dem MPs, including party leader Sir Ed Davey.

The party opposed the voter identification regulations in both the Houses of Commons and Lords, but was ultimately defeated by the Government.

Mrs Morgan says her Bill is driven by ensuring that thousands of people are not disenfranchised by not having photo identification.

“This new Bill is the last chance to kill these new Voter ID regulations once and for all,” she said.


“If the Conservative Government do not allow our Bill to pass, thousands of people could be blocked from voting at the next election.

“Liberal Democrats will not stop fighting for the fundamental right to vote and for the principles of democracy itself."

Mrs Morgan added that she had raised concerns about the ability of local authorities to enforce these new regulations, as well as the lack of awareness among the general public of the changes. 

If this new piece of legislation makes it through the Houses of Parliament, it would end voter ID regulations just 36 days ahead of the May local elections.

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