AN LGBTQ+ event could take place in Whitchurch this summer.

Bartender, David James Mallard, recently took to a local Facebook group to gauge interest among people in the town.

David, who is a gay transgender man, was first inspired to ask for people's interest after attending a Pride event in Nantwich.

He spoke about the good feedback he received from people in the town.

"It is personal to me," David said. "I had a conversation with some people after I went to Nantwich Pride last year.

"I thought if they can do it in a town that size, there is no reason we can't have one here.

"The more I spoke with people about it, the more people got on board.


"I work in the White Bear Pub in town and when I spoke to the managers about it they said they were really on board.

"Everyone I have spoken to was really excited about the idea."

David said his personal experiences influenced his decision to find out if people in Whitchurch were interested in having a Pride event.

He said: "I have been out and transitioned as a man about five years ago.

"I have been living in Whitchurch for seven years and transitioned in the town which was a mixed experience.

"It brought me to the realisation that a Pride event is something we need."

He added: "There is a supportive community here.

"And I think it is important to show that, especially in a time when transgender people are facing a hard time.

"Transgender people are not some bogeyman. We are members of the community, we are your neighbours. Fortunately, that has been the attitude of most people I speak to."

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David said he believes the event will be positive for businesses in the towns.

He added: "Pride is more than about bringing money into the area, but it will be huge for local businesses.

"Pride is a massive draw in places like Manchester, even in Nantwich. When I attended its Pride it was busier than I'd ever seen it.

"We have spoken to many local pubs and everyone is really on board.

"We are planning a meeting to discuss ideas and each of us putting on events.

"It will give an opportunity for people in the surrounding area to come to Whitchurch. I think it will be a huge boost."