A GROUP of Cheshire Young Farmers' Club ambassadors have thanked people for their support after cycling through Malpas as part of a two-day challenge for charity.

Rachel Weaver, Winifred Bullock and Bethany Candy - also known as the Cheshire Dairy Queen Team - cycled from Stretton, near Warrington, to Congleton on a 'Tour of Cheshire' in aid of the Farming Community Network (FCN).

The challenge took place on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26 and they have so far raised £5,000.

The trio said they were pleased with their achievements and grateful for the support.

Rachel said: "We would like to thank everyone for all their support.


"We are very pleased.

"We put a lot of hard work into planning the route and visiting all the clubs in Cheshire and it all went to plan.

"We haven't added up the total yet but we are over £5,000."

Whitchurch Herald:

The ambassadors hope the challenge has helped raise the profile of the FCN which helps farmers who are struggling.

Rachel mentioned there are many challenges farmers are facing.

She said: "It brought a lot of the farming community together. We had a very big turnout last night to cheer us over the finishing line.

"Mental health and farmers not speaking about it is one issue.

"Some have financial problems. The price of all the feed costs this year have gone up. There are many who are struggling.

"Hopefully, more will know about this charity and they can call it for support."

Whitchurch Herald:

Rachel said she was delighted with the support shown to her and the two other ambassadors by clubs across the county.

She explained: "It was incredible. It was probably the highlight seeing so many there to support us.

"Each YFC got its members to meet us at a stop we'd arranged.

"In some places, there were over 20 people there cheering us on.

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"Our families were finding us and tracking us on the route and cheering us along.

"There were probably about 100 people last night to cheer us over the finish line."

Rachel, Winifred and Bethany were appointed ambassadors in May last year and will soon be finishing having been in place for 12 months.

Rachel said: "It has gone extremely quickly.

"We are proud of everything we have achieved.

"I have met so many new people and the challenge we did this weekend has definitely been the highlight."