A WHITCHURCH woman has spoken of her fury at the state of the town's roads after her car tyre burst hitting a pothole near busy roundabout.

Anne-Marie Downey was heading round the roundabout to turn into the Esso Garage in Wrexham Road on Saturday, March 11 but hit a pothole and punctured her tyre.

She subsequently had to wait with her 13-year-old daughter, for her husband who is a mechanic to come and take her car to be fixed.

She said she was unable to avoid the pothole and could have risked hitting another car if she tried to do so.


Anne Marie explained: "It was chucking down with rain and was freezing. I hit it and there was no way of avoiding it especially when there is a car next to you.

"As soon as I hit it, my car felt weird. I pulled over and the tyre was flat.

"Obviously I had to ring my husband who is my mechanic.

"He sent me a picture this morning and it highlighted where there is a massive gash in it."

Whitchurch Herald:

She added: "This costs money all the time and it is so tight at the minute.

"It is just a simple option for them to fill it."

Anne Marie said she had been left waiting at the roadside with her daughter because of the puncture.

She said: "It is not great, especially as I had my 13-year-old daughter with me.

"It is a huge inconvenience to me and what I was going to do.

"I was going to Wem to have a look at hay for my horses which I did not manage to get to in the end."

Anne Marie was annoyed at the the state of the roads in Whitchurch and the surrounding area.

She added: "It really annoys me. I feel that is why you pay your road tax.

"Isn't the whole point in paying it to maintain the roads?

"I know we have had terrible weather and salt has had to be put down which creates potholes.

"They should be fixed. It seems worse in Whitchurch, there are potholes everywhere."

Anne Marie wants Shropshire Council's highways team to sort the problem out.

She replied: "Obviously I want it to be filled. That is the main problem.

"It needs to step up and do its job. That is all it needs to do."

Shropshire Council has been approached for comment.