A WEM Town councillor has called for issues concerning road safety to be raised - having compared pedestrians on mobile phones to "zombies".

Councillor Roger Drummond called for people to be more aware of hazards during Wem Town Council's monthly meeting in Edinburgh House on Thursday, February 23.

An an email to town clerk Penny O'Hagan, Cllr Drummond compared some pedestrians on their phones to zombies and said many fail to see hazards in their path.

He said: "Too often we see youths riding bikes ‘no handed’ while looking at their phone, frequently on the pavement, or pedestrians so entranced by their phone that the walk like zombies unaware of any hazards in their way or other pedestrians."

Cllr Drummond was critical of pedestrians who he felt were putting themselves at risk and hopes to bring more publicity to the issue of road safety.

He said: "I have seen so many examples of lack of self awareness in Wem among people for their own safety when using the highways and pavements.


"They are putting themselves at risk and seem to be unaware of the hazards.

"I am aware there isn't really any road safety initiative in the county and there does not seem to be any publicity.

"I think that by raising this item, I am airing a situation."

Cllr Drummond was also critical of people not making use of the infrastructure in the town which contributes to pedestrian safety and wants to ensure awareness among young people.

He said: "I see many examples of people in Wem not making use of existing facilities including zebra crossings and crossing the road in inappropriate places.

"This is why I wanted to highlight this and there should be publicity. We should be talking to people in schools.

"I'm sure we can say we got road safety training. I am raising my concerns based on my observations in Wem. It is applicable to most market towns."

The issue of road safety awareness among young people was mentioned by councillors with one councillor mentioning schemes which helped young people learn about road safety in the 1950s and 1960s.

Cllr Mark Hoffmann said: "Anyone remember the Tufty Club?"

The Wem mayor Cllr Geoff Soul added: "I don't know what elements of road safety training there may be in schools.

"How do we address it to older people, I'm not sure."

The meeting heard that there are clubs in the town which help educaate young people on the issue of road safety.

Cllr Duncan Hill said: "This is has been raised in Wem Youth Club and within various other groups.

"How do you police it?

"It is down to organisations and groups."

The town council agreed to look into what is happening in the town to help with road safety.