WITH the UK just two weeks away from the sun not setting before 6pm, a Whitchurch route has been named as one of the top 10 best drives in spring.

The A49, which runs through Whitchurch from Cheshire, takes drivers from the town as far as Ross-on-Wye in Gloucestershire and has been named in one of the top 10 by Select Car Leasing, a car hire site.

The company says the Whitchurch to Ross-on-Wye A49 route takes drivers through a variety of views and is a perfect alternative to motorway driving.

It said: “Not so much of a driving destination and as an alternative route, the A49 from near Shrewsbury will deliver you to Gloucestershire in a much better state of mind than taking the M6 and M5.

“Passing south through ever-changing countryside, recommended pit stops include the charming market towns of Ludlow, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye.”


The A49 near Whitchurch passes by Prees, Wem and into Shrewsbury and even in north Shropshire, offers rolling hills and flat plains before joining the A5.

From there, in Shropshire, it takes drivers through Bayston Hill and Dorrington before heading down to Church Stretton and Ludlow.

Graham Conway, managing director at Select Car Leasing, added: “The UK boasts some of the most iconic stretches of tarmac in Europe, making it a dream for leisurely drives that deliver plenty of bang for their buck.

“These are not the twisting, hairpin-packed runs favoured by petrolheads - more picturesque cruises that will keep the whole family enthralled with plenty of wow factor.

“And they stretch across England, Scotland and Wales so wherever you live, there should be at least one within range.”